create a prestashop theme from scratch

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Create a prestashop theme from scratch

Important things to understand when developing a prestashop theme

Hi I am Joel Fernandes.I will tell you the most important factors when creating a prestashop theme.If you are a prestashop developer you will need to know how the prestashop themes work and where are the files stored.

You will also need to know about the most important files on when creating the theme.If you know the correct files and folders you will easily be able to create a new theme.

As you already will need to create a zip file sort of when so that someone will be easily able to upload this zip file to his prestashop and then they will finally use your theme.

So your zip file should have these important folders

modules ,themes and it should also have a config file.

I will explain these three important parts modules ,themes and why are they so important.

1.The modules folder will have some modules that you will have when installing the theme.You can place all the module folders there!

2.Theme ..In this folder there will be all css files .This folder can have all the files that are there in the bootstrap theme you can include modified css there.Also note that the Global.css is the main css file.

3.The config file is another important file when considering installing a theme.You will need to mention all the modules you wish to enable or disable or install when a user installs your theme.

Starting to create the prestashop theme.

You can start creating your theme by using awesome tools like mozilla firebug or you can even use the inspect element in google chrome.

Have a look at the picture above this will help you understand how to edit css using firebug or the inspect element tool.

The basic idea is that you will need to start editing the default theme using this inspect element tool.
You can easily test the changes you have made using this as the css will get saved.Once you are satisfied with the changes you will have to make these changes in the css files.

Please note once you make the changes on the inspect element as shown above the changes will be replaced by the original incase you refresh the page.

So please be careful when making the changes and try to remember the changes you made its a very good practice.

You will need to have some good knowledge to make these changes.
It will be good to learn some Css from tutorials online.

Making modules

This is another important part when creating a theme .It is essential to create modules .
I have created an awesome article on how modules have to be created so modules will enhance the functionality of your theme greatly!

Exporting the theme

After you have finalized editing all the changes in the default-bootstrap theme and you have created all the necessary modules.You can now export the theme!

Yes you can get this done by very simple steps.

  1. You will need to loggin to your admin panel
  2. Now you can navigate to your theme section under preferences 
  3. You will now see "Export theme"somewhere in the top right hand side
  4. Just select the modules associated with your theme and then just review all the changes 

    And here select the theme modules

Once you click on save you will get a nice zip file with some weird name.
You can then use this file to install your theme to another prestashop installation.


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