How to make a great website 30 tips or a successful website.

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How to make a great website 30 tips

How to get higher seo optimization

These are 30 tips that will help you make a great incredible website.

1.choose awesome domain name.

This is very important because this will effect the seo on your website.The number of visitors can be increased if a nice keyword rich domain name is used.

2.Choose a simple and sweet design.

Choose a very simple design.A more fancy design will cause your website to be less professional and may effect user interface.

3.Make sure you update data regularly.

4.Make sure your website loads quickly.

5.make sure all urls are SEO friendly urls eg

6.make sure you do not have any broken links.

7.make sure you do not place many irritaing ads.

8.make sure your website is useful.

9.always upload clean and clear images.

10.always post unique content.

11.Make a easy user interface.

12.Use a programming language that is best suitable for your website needs.

13.use a CMS website software if like wordpress

14.content should be easy to read.

15.Set smart Goals.

you will need to plan properly about everthing on the website

16.Usertesting.(user reviews)

Ask your friends to use your website.they should tell you flaws on your website that you have not discovered.

17.Take all feedback to consideration from all sources.This will improve the website easily.

18.Consider using a vps server incase you make a website which need heavy processing work.

19.Check your website on a mobile phone(smart phone).There may be a lot of problems when used on a mobile phone.

20 consider creating an android app version for your website.

21.if using wordpress consider installing the SEO pack plugin.

22.Check the competitors strategies .

23.Add social networking plugins.

24.Check your website on a tab.You may see other new issues.

25.Check your website on an iphone.You will see other issues incase you added flash on your website.

26.Avoid use of jquery as it uses a lot memory and makes the website slow.

27.Add testimonals or case studies of  real customers.

28.Market your website using correct strategies.

29.Do not use PTC.This could ban your website on search engines.

30.Never give up.Websites can always be updated ,most mistakes can always be rectified.


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