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Hey guys today I will show you how to increase traffic to your website..Nice video for people who have new websites...Having a website without is pointless having it... so here are some few tips to help you get some more traffic!  ... you may be wondering what is traffic?... traffic is people visiting your website, its not the traffic we see on do not get confused by hearing the word traffic because traffic has multiple meanings!

One of the important tips is to share your website on social media, but before you share the website to social media you need to ensure that your website has a blog.. if your website has a blog people tend to read the post and they may find the post engaging!... so if your website has a blog people tend to read all the post on your website if they find it interesting to them...So make sure that your post are engaging and interesting and try to make sure people will read the post for a long time!..This will help you increase the time that people are present on your website!

Here are some nice blogs that are successful

Use these above blogs as a reference and an example ... so you can apply similar strategies and then create your blog too! ...the point is to look at other people`s blog and then take ideas for yourself!

Next step is to optimize your blog with keywords! So lets say if you have a ladies top business the keywords would be red ladies top, Green ladies top for young girls ,black dress...This will vary based on many factors!

You can try going to and then tyoe for a search phrase then you will see some related searches ...these are the searches that are being searched the most so I recommend you to use those keywords.This technique will help you find the correct keywords..

Once you got the keywords use these keywords in the title,meta description,url and the content...

Make sure that you do not spam too much using these keywords...

Google checks if you are following the webmaster guidelines...

Look at this link for the webmaster guidelines

Make sure the website content is suitable for new users to read ... try to explain to new website users about your website niche step by step... use some sort of numbering to the post to be systematic!

Next tip is to ask your friends what they think about your website,just some feedback it will help you find some flaws! A bad user experience is not good for seo.

Design is not so important but make sure your website loads fast and is easy to navigate!

Next tip is to put attractive images on your website to enhance the user experience so will decrease the bounce rate! optimize the image tags using the alt attribute...

Try to make sure that your post are interlinked with each other look at the video to get an idea this will help the google crawler to crawl properly on your website.

Create official pages on all social media make sure you share your content there and be sure that people see your content...if people like your content they will like and share your posts hence creating backlinks to your website..Create such quality content that people share your post automatically...

Create backlinks make sure your webpages are linked to and from other websites...Similar applies for youtube videos make sure your videos are linked to other videos.

Do not over do Seo .. content is king! Create content on a regular basis rather than focusing too much on Seo strategies!

Never Buy traffic from Pay Per Click websites

Be patient and keep Creating Content and you will see seo work!


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